Are You Exercising Your Boston Terrier Enough?

Are You Exercising Your Boston Terrier Enough?

I had a long discussion with my vet recently and we got on the topic of Boston Terriers (she owns two) and the amount of exercise they truly need. How did we get on this subject? Sophie had a bad day. We live in Las Vegas and last week we were dealing with temperatures of 108+ and as a result Sophie did not get her usual two walks plus fetch time she usually gets on a daily basis. What happened? My sweet little girl peed inside and chewed a corner of a wall in our bedroom. This is very much out of the ordinary for her as she never chews and never goes to the bathroom inside the house. I spoke with the Vet who shared what we already knew but it served as a great reminder, these dogs have a ton of energy and unfortunately that energy must be released no matter the circumstances.

Before I got my first Boston Terrier, I did quite a bit of research and found that the recommended exercise for a Boston Terrier is 1-3 miles per day! My daily goal is to get Sophie closer to three than one, which is sometimes not fun living in the desert. This was an isolated incident with her misbehavior in the house but it really did shed light on the fact that misplaced energy can turn into aggression and bad behavior in our dogs.

The point of this post is to remind you that our dogs deserve this outdoor time to get energy out and breathe fresh air and socialize. We have found new ways to beat the heat and unfortunately these methods have me waking up very early and staying up very late, but it’s worth it. Keep in mind, we live in Las Vegas, the land of small backyards so we usually walk her/go to the dog park/go hiking in the mountains to release her energy.

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Enjoy this picture of flying Sophie below.