Music Video: Boston Terriers “Sexy And I Know It” ft. LMFAO

Music Video: Boston Terriers “Sexy And I Know It” ft. LMFAO

We had three different people tell us about this music video and it’s finally time to share it! The awesome video was made by  who says “I made this video to my new favorite song in honor of the Rescue that got me hooked on the boston Terrier breed. Please check them out at and other local rescues, there are a lot of sweet Bosties out there that need homes.” Enjoy the video as it is one of the best we have ever seen made for the Boston Terrier breed.


  1. Hhaha guys thanks for posting my vid. 7 years into the breed and I love my Boston like a daughter. I can’t imagine life with Boston’s anore

    • They are addicting! Seen this video a couple of years ago and it’s my favorite Boston video ever!! Have it on my desk top! Best breed ever…Got my first Boston 11 yrs ago…since then 3 more… 🙂 Thanks for making this.

  2. This is with out a doubt one of the cutest videos I have ever watched, I love Bosties, currently own one, takes me back to when mine was a young boy he’s now 10. Love the music & the editing. good job !!!!

  3. This is the BEST video ever, can’t quit watching it. I have had 4 BT and my 4th one is an adopted child from AL. BT Rescue. I did not even know there was such an org. as this. She is a doll, a blue Boston, small 11 lbs. at 4 yrs. and does so many of the same things as in the video. And so smart. Been thinking about getting a second one, never have had but one at a time. Wonder if she would be jealous of another one? Make another video.

    • Bab,

      Glad you like it. This is far and away the most viewed video in history!

  4. This just about sums up the life of a Boston Terrier! Life would be so boring without them! Great video!

  5. I never get tired of seeing this video. I’ve shared it a few times. Best I’ve ever seen.
    So BOSTON! I have 2 and get to see stunts like this often.

    • Nancy, I have probably watched it 200+ times just from showing people. You are not alone!

      • Adam,
        Watched it again. It hits me just as funny every time. Love it. My two are snoring in their beds right now.

  6. I love the video it’s awesome

    • Ya the dogs are that was awesome

  7. Get rid of the ‘LMFAO’.


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