Photo: Lucy-Lu The Long Haired Boston Terrier

We received an email and some photos from Kim in Jacksonville, FL. A nice story about her little Lucy and my first time seeing a long haired Boston Terrier. Read the email and check out the photos below!

When I was little (many years ago) My favorite aunt had 3 Boston Terriers. I LOVED them SO much, but always said that I wish they were softer and more cuddly. Much to my luck and surprise, 2 days ago, I found my “dream dog”! While searching for a canine fur-baby to keep me company on my long lonely days while my kids were at school and hubby was at work, I came across the sweetest face I’d ever seen! And, as a bonus, she was “free to a good home” I started communicating with her owner who told me that when she got her as a small puppy about a year ago, she was told that she was a purebred Boston but as she grew, she began to doubt that because her hair kept growing longer and silkier. When she listed Lucy, she said she was a Boston Terrier “mix”, but I didn’t care at all… She was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen. After bringing my little Princess home, my family and I began to try to figure out what she could possibly be mixed with because she was identical to the breed standard for except for the soft, silky fur. I started doing google searches for Boston Terrier mixed with everything I could think of that would give her that beautiful coat but to no avail. I did, however have some great laughs because no matter what you mix them with, a cute, funny dog results. Finally, I simply typed in “long-haired Boston Terrier” and much to my surprise and delight, the search returned a male dog who was IDENTICAL to my baby girl except the white on his face was more centered than hers. He was in fact a registered, purebred dog. Apparently, there is a long-haired recessive gene that in VERY rare cases comes through and the result is the softest, most silky little Boston imaginable. We love her SO much and feel very blessed to have such a rare and awesome dog. I’ve always liked animals that were odd or interesting in some way, and to my delight, I’ve found the most loving companion I could ever ask for! Here are some pics of our princess. I’d love for you to post them on the Site so that others who might come across this rare specimin can see that it is possible. Thank you. Mom to Lucy… ~Kim Corn – Jacksonville, FL

Long Haired Boston Terrier

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