[Urgent] Lucy The Boston Terrier Has Cushing’s Disease, Spread The Word And Help Her

[Urgent] Lucy The Boston Terrier Has Cushing’s Disease, Spread The Word And Help Her

Alright everyone, we need to help this sweet little girl. Her foster mom, Alejandra is doing everything she can and her friend Cassondra sent us all of the information on Lucy, who has Cushin’s Disease. Here’s the post from Cassondra and her friend Alejandra: “Lucy Piglet (or Lucy P as we call her) is a wonderful 7 years young baby girl. She came to my life through the Rescue group I volunteer, her story touch my heart from the moment I heard it.

Her prior owner tooch her to a vet office to be put down to sleep, one of the vet techs had the owner to surrender the girl to her, Lucy came that day to the vet office in a very poor condition, musculoesqueletal problems, severEly underfed, with skin issues that because they never got treated had gone way out of control she had sores and hair loss in most of her body. The tech cured her skin infections and then contacted the rescue so we could find her a home. She told me that her vet diagnosed her with Hypothyroidism and prescribed her a high dose of levothyroxine (0.6), they gave me her medical records and her medicine the day I picked her up… Less than a week after having Lucy P in my home, I started noticing some behaviours that stood out, increased thirst, excessive hunger, musculoesqueletal issues (she can’t jump), distended stomach (pot belly), increased urination, very thin skin, to the point I have to put socks in her little feet so her little feet don’t bleed when she goes for walks.

All this was happening so I decided to talk to my own vet and bring him her records. He read them and gave me a call so I could go in to his office, he told me that from Lucy’s records he could se a lot of red flags (this without even seeing lucy), first she didn’t have hypothyroidism, the other vet precribed her a HIGH dose of a thyroid medicine for nothing, and that reading her records he also thought that Lucy might have another condition…”CUSHING’S DISEASE”. I presented Lucy to my Vet and he said that he is 90% sure she has Cushing’s, but testing is need to be done so he can treat her properly, there are 2 causes for cushing’s and we need to find out which one so we can treat Lucy P correctly and give her a better quality of life, the life that she deserves.

The cost of the testing comes to almost $800, not counting on the medication that she will need after that if she has the pitutary tumor, the other is a tumor in the adrenal glands (this one can sometimes can be fixed by surgery, but only few vets risk the surgery option. She is such a loving girl, she deserves a second chance in life!! Thank you for any help, Alejandra Araya.

If you’d like to see Lucy’s ChipIn page, which was organized by Boston Terrier of East TN, click here.


  1. Awww poor girl!!! My Boston, Maxwell was recently diagnosed with cushings disease and his fur looks a lot simliar to hers!!! If you end up using the medication vetoryl, you will probably notice small results within two weeks!!! My guy was also originally misdiagnosed with hypothyroidism at first and after almost 2 years he went downhill fast and that’s how we ended up finding out it was cushings.

    • Thanks for the info Nikki and I have passed your comment on to Lucy p’s foster mom. We hope Maxwell is up and doin fine. Many healin thoughts for himm also and big Slurps from all of us at Boston love


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