We Have A Winner In Our #SleepyTime Boston Terrier Photo Contest

We Have A Winner In Our #SleepyTime Boston Terrier Photo Contest

After 72 hours and 1572 votes, we have a winner! The voting exploded on the first day and went fast through the second day which led to Mary Ann taking the crown! The photo, featuring one Boston Terrier standing watch while the other nestles into bed was an awesome photo and we are so happy to send them their prize pack! We’d like to thank everyone that participated in our photo contest, it was a huge hit and we loved the over 200 photos that were submitted, not sure the 20 in the competition. Look forward to more fun contests coming soon. Mary Ann’s family, please email us your mailing address to share@iBostonTerrier.com and we will ship your prize pack immediately! Thanks everyone!


  1. Marianne must have a large family of voters…LOL

  2. Thank you for hosting a fun contest…now show us some wedding shots! πŸ˜‰

    I want to thank everyone that voted, Facebooked, cross posted, Tweeted, emailed, carrier pigeoned, smoke signaled and what ever else it took for Gomez to win! Β πŸ™‚ Congratulations to Maryann and her sibling!

  3. Bang Bo and I loved all the photos! It is weird but Bang knows her people-she is not friendly with other dogs but she loves the BT videos. Oh by the way Adam my photos were saved and I did not lose them. So I have many many of Bangles when she was a baby.
    Thanks for making my day
    I fight a daily illness and this makes me smile. PSS I loved Jemima but congrats to the winner!
    Bonnie Bojangles and Bangles

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