[Video] Pickle The Boston Terrier Has Separation Anxiety

[Video] Pickle The Boston Terrier Has Separation Anxiety

Do our Bostons care when we leave without them? I would answer the question, but I think I’ll let this video do the talking. The video comes to us from  and features Pickle the Boston Terrier. Watch as Pickle has a little “freak out” moment when her mom leaves the house without her. We don’t blame Pickle and we think it’s great that she expresses herself, call us crazy.


  1. i have 6, and they all have their quirks when left behind…spuds used to poop in his papa’s boots or on top of his toolbox if he got left behind..butch shredded my loveseat at 10 months old when left…my friend has 2 of our pups shes had them for 4-5 years and they attack her and each-other when she tries to leave.and i mean leaving bruises and bites! i know she doesn’t discipline them very often, but i would NEVER allow that in my home…they would be crated for several hours after such an incident in my home…i keep telling her i’m gonna find her half eaten on her floor some day if she doesn’t get a handle on this!

  2. Never saw a Boston Terrier Howl before.
    God bless her little heart

  3. so cute. i like the little sounds she was making, & i never heard a Boston howl before. got a bit of a raspy howl. i don’t have any Bostons yet, want one though, but my terrier mix pipsqueak & corgi abbie make simialr little noises sometimes, except their howls sound different of course.

  4. Mine has severe separation anxiety, even meds don’t help. He jumps at the fence all day until there is blood every where from his feet bleeding.He has playmates, but he wants his people. I’m so sad as I have to find him a home where someone can be with him 27/7.

  5. We have a 2 and a half year old male Boston who has no separation anxiety at all. When we leave, he either builds a nest out of pillows and blankets on the couch and falls asleep or runs upstairs and curls up on the bed. We are extremely lucky to have a Boston who is so relaxed.

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