[Video] Rudy The Boston Terrier Thinks He’s A Cheetah

[Video] Rudy The Boston Terrier Thinks He’s A Cheetah

Our good friend Rudy is back and this video had us cracking up! Rudy has a number of funny personality quirks and this one may be our favorite. Watch as he plays “cheetah” at the dog park, crouching low, blending in with his surroundings, waiting to pounce on a much larger dog and finally going for the “attack”. Just another hilarious Rudy video in a long line. Thanks to Stuart for sharing more Rudy, keep em’ coming!

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  1. Our Rosie does this too!! Penny will run after the ball and Rose will stop half way and get down like a jungle cat and wait for Penny to bring the ball back and then she jumps out at her! Thats too funny!


  1. [Slideshow] Catching Up With Rudy The Boston Terrier | iBostonTerrier.com - Boston Terrier News - Health - Photos - Videos - [...] absolutely true. When Rudy went through his “I think I’m a cheetah” phase, we were there. When Rudy survived…

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