[Slideshow] Meet A Giant Boston Terrier Pack From Vancouver Island

[Slideshow] Meet A Giant Boston Terrier Pack From Vancouver Island

Cindy from Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada sent us a TON of photos. She gave us a ton of information on all the dogs to go along with the photos, however, we can’t match it all up. Instead, we’ll be giving you the info and then the slideshow, enjoy! “Winston –8 yrs old and the grampa of the pack. While he is greying almost everywhere now he is still often prone to puppy like moments in time where he bursts off doing the BT500 for a moment or 2 then he’s back to the same old back scritch lovin’ guy he always is.

Charlotte is next. She is 2 years old and the baby of the family. She knows what she wants and can always get it. She has the cuteness factor all sewn up inside this little dog who seems more like a perpetual puppy than the grown mumma she is.

Henry is beside Charlotte and he is our own resident stud muffin. His nickname is Mr. Mellow and he is a lovely red highlighted brindle boy who wants nothing more than to be your lap buddy, despite his 24 lb exterior.

Beside him is Miss Maggie Mae who’s 4 yrs old. She is the pack clown. She has a curious look and is the pack caretaker cleaning everyone’s ears and faces daily. She the highest energy of the pack and almost always is the victor while playing chuck it.

And on the far right is Zoe Rose. She is 5 years old and the matriarch of our little family. She demands respect from all the others and has the fastest tongue in the west often prone to tonsils cleaning whether the human requested it or not. She has a harlequin face and always is at my side.

And for photographing these little sweethearts ??… all that is necessary is one at a time (preferably without distractions/I work best alone) they sit and stay in a spot of my choosing. I don’t use treats until everyone is sitting in their spot and staying. Then if I have treats they come out to get the famous Boston expressions . If i have treats too early I loose their focus entirely. I find it better to concentrate on the sit/stay. I still use the old scouting mantra KISMIT keep it simple….make it fun. This works with kids and dogs alike.”


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