[Video] Colby The Boston Terrier Is Smooth With A Frisbee

[Video] Colby The Boston Terrier Is Smooth With A Frisbee

This week we’ve had more videos of Boston Terriers doing things we rarely see than ever before and this is no different. Watch as Colby (aka Joker) shows off his incredible frisbee skills! This video comes to iBostonTerrier.com via  and really illustrates the agility of Boston Terriers. According to the video creator, Colby is going through training and by the looks of things, that training is going incredibly well. Looking forward to follow up videos.

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  1. Joker is a true athlete, as was my Reggie several yrs. ago tho Reggie was a ball catcher, would jump 10 ft in air to catch ball in his mouth, I always used a soft ball, we would play daily sometimes 2 times daily Reg is now 10 & because of his jumping high & coming down hard over many yrs, he has back problems according to his vet, I over played him, now he can only just run after ball & not much of that, be careful of time length when playing with these guys, they will play & play beyond their age !!!!

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