[Adoption] Molly The Boston Terrier Needs A Home

[Adoption] Molly The Boston Terrier Needs A Home

In or around Huntington Beach, CA and need another family member? Say hello to Molly! She is currently with Boston Buddies in Southern California and needs a home big time. Here’s some more info on Molly via the rescue group: Meet Molly! Molly is a 7 year old, 27 lbs. Boston beauty who came from the Pasadena shelter. Molly has the sweetest disposition. She was so happy to get out of the shelter after almost two weeks there.


Upon vetting we discovered that Molly was not spayed and she had mammary tumors that involved both sides. A mammary tumor is a tumor originating in the mammary gland. It is a common finding in older female dogs that are not spayed (the incidence rate is one in four in unspayed female dogs over the age of four). Molly has had two radical mastectomies which entails the removal of the mass and all the mammary tissue and lymph nodes that drain with the gland. It took 40 staples on each side to close the incisions! – and she has been spayed. Molly also had infections in both of her ears that were treated. In addition, her left ear has a little bend in it. Her ear is not floppy, but it is actually bent in that position – it looks like she might have had a hematoma in that ear at one time and the scar tissue has caused the ear to heal in this bent position. She thinks it makes her super cute – and we agree! Poor Molly also had ulcers in both eyes from lack of tear production. She has seen the ophthalmologist and she had a diamond burr corneal debridement in her right eye. Her right eye ulcer has improved since then, but the ulcer was still there at her check up so her medication protocol was amended – she is still on four different eye medications and tramadol for pain. She must continue to wear her cone 24/7 until the ulcer has healed. Molly has been the perfect house guest in her foster home. She is quiet, polite and house trained. She was a bit shy about sleeping in the bed at first but she quickly learned how much fun it is to snuggle in soft blankets. We have discovered that although Molly is friendly with other dogs, she would do best as the only dog in her forever home as she does not like to share her person’s attention! Molly has been spayed and she’s up to date on shots. She’s been heartworm and fecal tested (both negative) and micro chipped. First step in adopting is to complete and submit an Adoption Application – you can download it on the home page of our website, www.bostonbuddies.org Questions? Email us at contactus@bostonbuddies.org   Adoption donation $250

Find all of her contact info on her Petfinder page here: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/24596189

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