[Photo] Ten Reasons We Love Our Boston Terriers

[Photo] Ten Reasons We Love Our Boston Terriers

Realistically, there are hundreds of reasons we love our Boston Terriers, but creating a post with a thousand photos and explanations would take weeks to finish, so we’ll keep it to the top ten. Not that we ever need to be reminded why we love our dogs, but I have a feeling the following ten examples will reignite your love for your dog which will make you drive down to the nearest pet store and buy tons of toys and treats for your babies at home. Let us know which number you agree with most in the comments section.

1. They smile for the camera.


2. They look great in jeans.


3. They carry their kids so they don’t have to walk through snow.


4. They cuddle with their siblings.


5. They like to have a good time.


6. They are good swimmers.


7. They look cool in pajamas.


8. They love to kiss.


9. They are great parents.


10. They are so damn cute when they sleep.



  1. And my answer is 1-10.

  2. I think there could easily be a million reasons why I love my Boston.

  3. All of the above!!! AND THEN SOME!!!!

  4. Every single reason is the best!

  5. This is so adorable it makes me laugh. These photos look just like my Mozart and not to mention, he loves a belly rub! Kimmie from STL.

  6. I couldn’t pick one! they are all great!

  7. i want a boston terrier so bad i could or want a place for boston terriers and owners to they r so cute

  8. I love how such a small dog can clear out a room with one fart… Lol

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