[Photo] The Big Barkley Boston Terrier Clan

[Photo] The Big Barkley Boston Terrier Clan

The Barkley clan recently won an awesome Boston Terrier travel mug from a contest on our Facebook page. In return, they sent us this awesome photo of their Boston Terrier clan that we just had to share. Jeff told us all about his big group: “This is our babies. The little one closest to the camera is Bailey (the rescued baby), behind her (mostly all black) is Mattie. The bit boy in the back is Bos and Duke / aka Gunner in the back. I cannot tell you how much Craig and I love our Boston’s. They make every day brighter and makes us laugh with their crazy personalities.” What a beautiful family! Enjoy the travel cup!

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Boston Terrier Clan


  1. Hey just like me….you look like you think Boston Terriers are like potato chips, you can’t stop at one. hahahah

  2. Oh! I AM in LOVE with all of your Bostons and I’m jealous! You see, tomorrow will make it 2 months since I had to put my best friend, my 12 yr old Boston down due to congestive heart failure. Then, I was blessed with a free adoption of a beautiful 2-1/2 yr old that the owner didn’t have time for, and she just gave him to me. He just needed training and in the 6 wks or so I had him he was picking up on training so quickly, like Bostons do. But, a week ago I had to bury him, as I had my foot in the side door to grab the garbage and he literally charged that 6″ opening I had my foot in the door with and was literally out of sight within minutes. I chased him through the backyards of 5 houses, then got into my car, and in a matter of like 20 minutes he was 2 blocks away, was hit by a car and killed instantly. So, I lost TWO Bostons in just two months! I fell in love with the second one immediately and had no idea he was a “runner,” and I do have a fenced in yard and was working with him several times a day on obedience (because I’m on disability and at home, so I have the time), but he ran out the one door with no fence to back it up. I haven’t been “dog-less” since college and I’m almost 60 yr old. Having a Boston keeps me wanting to get better when I get sick with asthma or with my back problems (I’m about to have a 3rd back surgery). I’m still so heart broken over losing my 12 yr old, as we had such a special bond, and then I quickly fell in love with the one I adopted, that I feel “heart pain” and I’m having major depression, the doctor says. I can’t afford to just go buy a puppy, but I can afford to take care of a dog through sickness and health (my vet and several friends will back me), but with me being on disability, having a “one lump sum” all at once to pay for another dog will take me months and months to save for. I have no family, no real support. So, my dog is a very important companion to me. Right now I just can’t shake this “major depression” my doctors say I’m going through. It’s just awful. Anyway, I just had to comment and let you know that I just love the picture of your guys because they are beautiful. And, thank you for sharing! Some day I WILL get another Boston and maybe I can send you a picture of him or her. Oh! “If” anyone knows of a Boston needing a VERY GOOD home, I’m available! I’ve owned Bostons since I was 5 yrs old and I’m almost 60 now, so it’s a terrible void not having one to share my life with. Laura in Chesapeake/Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  3. I just turned 62 and got a Boston puppy- I forgot how much work a puppy was ! Lily is cute though !! Housebreaking is taking longer than Id like, but..

  4. Cool!!! I have 4 Boston’s too! They have taken over the house and run in a pack!

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