[Video] Boston Terrier Laughs Very Hard While Getting Tickled

[Video] Boston Terrier Laughs Very Hard While Getting Tickled

I have to admit, I was laughing so hard when I watched this video the first time. The next ten times I continued to laugh. Do yourself a favor and watch the entire video with the sound on if you do anything at all today. The video comes to us from  who writes (translated to English), “Boston Terrier how they live and try to catch air – while they abkitzelt from top to bottom. Rarely seen, although they are up for anything. A pure fun – over and over again.” Ok, how hard did you laugh at this?


  1. Don’t know if he was “laughin” or kinda growling, at times he seemed a little annoyed, I am just judging from my own Boston”s reactions to certain things. Either way cute little rolly pooly dog, made me smile !!!

    • I agree .. he tickled for a long time for the dog!!

  2. Dude. your dog is pissed. stop it.

  3. Its not laughing. Hes annoyed. check his ears… Owner needs some lessons about dogs behaviour.

  4. i was thinking the same thing, I thought it was just me! He didnt look very happy, he looked annoyed! It looked like at first he was thinking “as long this makes my human happy,” but then towards the end “enough is enough already human!” When my BT is happy, theres no mistake, she has a smile from ear to ear

  5. This is NOT a happy dog! His body language clearly shows he is not enjoying what you are doing to him. He was politely telling you every way he could to stop it. I think he is exceptional in showing restraint, because if it was me, I would have bit you already!

  6. This is NOT a happy dog. Get a clue as a dog owner before you get a less patient or larger dog and find yourself injured. Smh!

  7. this dog doesn’t look happy and this doesn’t look cute …
    He looks annoyed when I rub my Boston she stretches our and moans and stays in position when I stop and even rolls …not what this one is doing

    • he even looks downright MAD in the end ….pissy !! WOW

  8. Dude. Dog is not happy nor laughing. Quit tormenting your dog for internet karma. You don’t deserve that gorgeous BT. SMH.

  9. Poor baby, he looks totally annoyed!! As am I, for you keeping up the torturous “tickling”. I know your not trying to hurt him, but trust me, he is not thrilled!! Unfortunately, they can’t tell us to stop. I’m begging you, please stop for his sake!!???

  10. That’s growling, not laughing.

  11. I have to disagree. I have a 6 y/o male Boston who behaves exactly like this, and when you stop messing with him, he will literally hunt you down and instigate another session.

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