[Photo] After Being Passed Around, Lexy The Boston Found Her Forever Home

[Photo] After Being Passed Around, Lexy The Boston Found Her Forever Home

Some stories touch us more than others and this is certainly one of them. We received these photos from Ken and Ken and we just had to share. Thank you both for giving her such a wonderful life. “Attached are two pictures of Lexy, a Boston with a personality all her own.  Lexy is an appreciative, loving, and active rescue.  The first year with her was filled with much work and concern for her adaptability.  Like some rescues, Lexy was angry, not sure if we would actually keep her.  She had been passed around by several familes for two years.  She would rarely let us touch her or show her any love.  That was difficult.  She had a fall early on with us, doing severe damage to her spine.  Sweet Lexy was unable to walk or run, her two greatest passions. After 6 months of weekly, acupuncture, Lexy is now back to running with a new passion and verve!  The time, money and love we showed her during her acupuncture seems to be the tunring point in her acceptance and love of her new home. As the pictures show, we are confident Lexy has found her forever home!  Lexy is a chubby, lovable, four year old boston, living in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  We also have two other bostons, Rosey and Stoney!”

How sweet is this girl? Now send us photos of Rosey and Stoney!

Chubby Boston Terrier

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