[Slideshow] Catching Up With Rudy The Boston Terrier

[Slideshow] Catching Up With Rudy The Boston Terrier

We’ve watched Rudy grow up on this site. I think we say that every time we post about him but it’s absolutely true. When Rudy went through his “I think I’m a cheetah” phase, we were there. When Rudy survived his manicure, we were there. When Rudy celebrated his birthday and the new year, we were there. When Rudy showed a little too much affection for his girlfriend, we posted the video. In fact, Rudy has been featured on this site over fifteen times which can all be seen by clicking here. Today, we’ll catch up with the little guy and see how he’s doing.

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  1. Rudy and his dad, Stuart, feel very much a part of ibostonterrier since we have shared so much of Rudy’s life here. We really appreciate being a part of this incredible array of fellow boston terrier enthusiasts and so much enjoy visiting the site every day to see see all the wonderful pictures, videos and other boston terrier information available here.

  2. Stuart…..I just love Rudy….he is so damn cute….I have a six year old Boston Jake and they are just so much fun…..Love this breed. Donna

    • Thanks Donna. I agree, and after owning a boston and spending a lot of time around other breeds at the dog park, I think that I will always be partial to bostons. I enjoy other breeds as well, but to me there are many things very special about bostons which I do not find in any other breed.

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