[Video] Amazing Video Of Some Playing Boston Terriers

[Video] Amazing Video Of Some Playing Boston Terriers

I’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, I wish I had the talent and equipment to make videos like this. Until we get said equipment, we’ll sit back and enjoy awesome videos like this. This video comes to us courtesy of  who describes the video as “our Boston Terriers Stewie & Flo playing outside together, Stewie is a year old and Flo is roughly 7 weeks. New best friends.” Come on, how cool is this?

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  1. That is the sweetest video. Two beautiful Bostons. Don ‘t you wish they could stay puppies forever. Donna

  2. This very very well done. So cute, would like a puppy like this as a sister for my BT. So cute.

  3. Thanks for sharing my video! All of a sudden I noticed all this traffic to my Vimeo account (which never happens) they are some sweet dogs, I love em!


    • Jason,

      Someone sent to us and said please post this video! We assumed it was the owner! Glad we could help with traffic, the video is incredible.

  4. Haha Aweeeee I could watch this all day!!

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