[Video] Bella The Boston Makes Quite A Splash

[Video] Bella The Boston Makes Quite A Splash

How beautiful is Bella? She has what we like to call the “cow markings” and we’ve always thought that was a cool look on Bostons. When the video was taken, Bella was just a young lady looking for a little splash. Her dad Chris sent us the video and had this to say about it. “This video is Bella splashing in her kiddie pool,last summer. She’s a year old there,and prefers the type of pool with the fish pictures on it,to one of a solid color! Guess she’s trying to get them out!” You get those fish, Bella! Does your Boston love to splash in the pool? Tell us in the comments section.


  1. Bella is beautiful. She lives up to her name. My Boston has a pool just like yours and he also loves the markings on it. Donna

  2. Bella is very pretty, funny how when she gets out of her pool she’s looking to see if any thing jumped out of the pool onto the ground She’s a cutie !!!

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