[Photo] Welcome Home, Fester The Boston Terrier Puppy

[Photo] Welcome Home, Fester The Boston Terrier Puppy

What a beautiful little boy! His brother Lemmy, who had an awesome portrait donehas already been featured on the site and is so happy about his new brother! He also has another brother name Seamus, quite the family! Fester’s mom, Alex, told us all about the new addition to the family, “Here is our newest little buddy, Fester. He is 8 weeks old and was born with a condition called Hypospadias (his little fella parts didn’t quite develop correctly). Fortunately, the rest of him is normal and he is otherwise happy and healthy and his Daddy is a Veterinary Surgeon. He loves badgering his brothers, Lemmy (the one who has the nice portrait done by Darren Goldman) and Seamus, as well as doing the ever epic “Monkey Butt Run” around the house.” Enjoy your new loving home, Fester.

Happy Boston Terrier puppy

Fester Boston Terrier


  1. Fester is deff. cute with or without ALL parts. Looks like he has parts but wrong size!! At his tender age, he won’t notice !11 Ha

  2. one of my wonderful fur kids was born with defective little fella parts too. he is five years old and doesnt know he is broken! we named him Simon broken Peter and he is a 32 pound Goof

  3. forgot to add our vet did a wonderfully amazing surgical re routing procedure and Simonhasnt had any problems since. good luck and long life to your baby.


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