An Amazing Story Featuring The Mia Foundation And Mick The Boston Terrier

An Amazing Story Featuring The Mia Foundation And Mick The Boston Terrier

Mick the Boston Terrier and his amazing story has swept the nation, deservingly so. Boston Terriers are fighters and Mick showed us the true spirit of the breed, with some help from an amazing group of people. We cannot thank The Mia Foundation enough for their continued efforts helping dogs in need. What is The Mia Foundation? “The Mia Foundation was developed to give animals born with birth defects a fighting chance. So many animals born with birth defects, such as cleft palates or missing limbs, are euthanized at birth. With a little work and a lot of love, these animals give back so much more than anyone could possibly imagine. All they need is a chance! A tiny little Chihuahua named Mia was the inspiration behind The Mia Foundation. She was born with a cleft palate and it was suggested at birth that she be euthanized. She was given a chance and in return gave much love, hope and inspiration to many people all over the world!”

Now, Mick’s story, grab some kleenex. Why do we continue to run this site? Stories like THIS. This is the story of Mick the Boston Terrier. Mick was born with “Swimmer Puppy Syndrome” or “Pectus Excavatum.” According to PetMD, “In pectus excavatum, the sternum and costal cartilages are deformed, resulting in a horizontal narrowing of the chest, primarily on the posterior side. The sternum, or chest bone, is a long flat bone located in the center of the thorax, and the costal cartilages are the cartilages that connect the chest bone with the ends of the ribs. In appearance, the middle of the chest appear to be flat or concave, rather than slightly convex.” Most dogs born with this are euthanized due to the extensive therapy it takes for them to walk again. The amazing team at The Mia Foundation took him in and started therapy immediately! How did it go? This INCREDIBLY touching video will show you Mick’s amazing journey. Thank you so much to everyone at The Mia Foundation. Please visit their site:

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  1. I shouldn’t watch these videos at work. I’m all teared up. As a mom of a special needs BT, I know the care and love these dogs require and deserve.

  2. This video is of Mick from The Mia Foundation, The Mia Foundation rescues animals that are born with birth defects. Please visit Mick and all of the foundation babies here

    • Patrice,

      I’ll add the Facebook link to the post! Thanks again!


  3. As a BT mom of a healthy baby , this video reminded me of the blessings a healthy pet has been given. The Mia Foundation is obviously run by angels!

  4. How is Mick doing now? I would love to see an update – Thank you for all you do…

  5. I want to know how Mick is doing!? How can I find out about how this precious angel is doing now? I can’t stop thinking about him!

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