Brody The 44 Pound Boston Terrier Is A Big, Sweet Boy

Brody The 44 Pound Boston Terrier Is A Big, Sweet Boy

This is one big Boston Terrier! When we go to the dog park, people always say the same thing, “those are some BIG Boston Terriers!” Both Sophie and Baxter are 31 pounds but they are by no means big. In fact, our meet up group is loaded with Bostons much bigger than our two, and this Boston is much bigger than them! Meet Brody! This lovable five year old weighs 44 pounds but manages to still move quicker than lightning. His parents tell us, “he loves to do tricks when he feels like it and more importantly, he’s not fat!” We don’t think he looks fat at all! In fact, we think he looks super cool, especially relaxing on his pool float.

According to the AKC’s weight standards: weight is divided by classes as follows: Under 15 pounds; 15 pounds and under 20 pounds; 20 pounds and not to exceed 25 pounds. Of course, here at we care less about the “standards” of the dogs and more about the heart of them. That’s right, we are taking a stand for all big Boston Terriers! Just more Boston goodness to love, although it does hurt when they fling their body on to yours in the middle of the night.

We ask, what’s the biggest Boston Terrier that you’ve ever seen? I believe the biggest in our group was 40 pounds but he was such a tall Boston Terrier that he looked almost like a Boxer more than anything. Maybe it’s because our two are larger than average, we’ve got a soft spot for the big ones.

Think Brody is big? We once featured a 50 pound Boston! Click here to read about him.

boston terrier puppy

boston terrier sink

sitting boston terrier

boston terrier in pool

sleeping boston terrier

So what do you think? How much do you love this big boy! Is your Boston bigger?


  1. I have people all the time tell me my Boston is big. He’s 31 pounds and not at all fat. Just a good size male.
    when he was a baby I thought perhaps he would weigh 20 or so but he just kept growing bigger every day, and as you say Adam when they run into you it feels like a mack truck. The vet says he’s perfect and of course I think so. Donna

    • Yes, it never feels good when our little missiles decide to launch and kick at us. We still love them though!

    • I have 5. 1 is 15 pounds rescue
      3 are 25 pounds mom,dad,and daughter
      And max is 45 pounds

  2. We also had a 40 pound BT and people could not believe he was a purebred!

    • Was he a cuddler, Donna? When Sophie sleeps on my back at night I always wake up in pain!

    • My female is 28 lbs, and people always ask me if she’s mixed with something! I hate that,

  3. Reggie is 25 lbs on the money. Vet said when he had his spinal problems in May not to let him get any heavier., as when he plays its hard on his back. He has a friend Boston named Buba that weighs 32 lbs, The 44 lbs guy looks so big when I look at him, he’s a cutie tho !!!!

  4. My Bubba is 40 lbs and I get comments of how big he is, even from the vet. I prefer that he is a bigger Boston, the ones under 15 lbs are to delicate for me. He is SOLID, and tough, I love him. Is it true that the bigger the Boston means that they haven’t been bred down as much as the under 15 lbs ones?

  5. My Logan is about 31 lbs. He could probably stand to lose a pound or two but he’s not really fat. Like Brody, he’s tall, but he’s not as bulky. He’s very very sweet, though.

  6. You are right Leah… A bigger Boston doesn’t mean a fat Boston . He certainly is a strong boy. I had a elderly woman walk by my house one day and said “oh my God your dog looks just like the Bostons that my grandfather used to breed years ago” what does that tell you.? …Donna

  7. I just found this site. My little guy Bama is 9 months old and a whopping 30 lbs lol he eats Nutro and gets lots if exercise and is not fat at all he is just a very big boy! When the vet met him for the first time she saw his.paws and said he isfonna be huge! He might be big but he couldnt be more of a cuddle bug/mommas boy! This is my second Boston amd idont think ill ever have any other breed after them….best dogs ever!

  8. My baxter (bt) is 28 pounds snd the first thing everyone says when they see his is…oh, he is a big one isn’t he? Doesn’t make me happy…he is healthy and happy

  9. Cheevers, my 10 month old Purebred Boston Terrier, is 35 lbs solid muscle. We live in the country so the larger size (or “King BT” as we like to call him) is perfect for long walks and rough and tumble play. He is just the sweetest, friendliest, gentlest and most loving pup I could have ever asked for!!

    • I love hearing every story about boston terrier s…I sm crazy for my baxter who is 4 Years old..5 in march….I just think it may hurt his feeling s when people comment that he is big…but…like you he is all muscle. …very active we walk and run 1 hour each day…not including his walks to take care of his personal business.

  10. I have 2 Bostons. One is 17 lbs. stocky with short legs, everyone thinks he is a mini pit bull, and my other is 27 lbs, female and I thought she was big. Very long legs, she had a hard time walking when she was young as her back legs were so long. But she is just the most beautiful boston girl in the world. Love both of my babies!!!

  11. I have a 35lb Boston terrier and everyone makes comments saying he must be a mix breed or something but he’s not he’s a full breed big boy and my 3yr old son named him buzz short for buzz lightyear…… Hes def bigger than I expected but such a good dog and not only is he big but also deaf lol so he def turns people’s heads but I love him so much def the best dog I cld of got for my family.

    • I have a 35-lb deaf Boston too! Deaf since I got him at a mere 4 weeks old. Back then I had to feed him with a syringe because his mother got sick, and all of his litter mates died. I didn’t know anything about getting a dog back then in 2006, though now I understand that she was a backyard breeder. She offered to take Caleb back after we discovered he is deaf and notified her. However, I fell in love with him instantly and refused to give him up. He’s been one of the greatest joys in my life!!

      • He’s a lucky boy! We have our second BT boy who has shocked us as we have watched him grow bigger and bigger. At 4 months he was 17 lbs. and the vet put him on large breed puppy food because he was growing so fast. He is 6 months and 27 lbs. We expect him to be between 35 and 40 lbs. full grown. People are asking if he is full bred and yes he has papers and was from a reputable breeder. He’s every bit a BT in his looks and behavior, just a big sweet loving boy!

  12. Just that much more to love! My year-old Boston Terrier Ollie is a whopping 34 pounds. His mother weighed 22 and father 18, so his size was a surprise. He is beautiful: not fat, but a tall, densely muscled powerhouse! Most important, he is incredibly sweet, smart and yes, silly. People comment first on his beautiful markings, his color (blue and white), and then his size. He is gracious about the admiration.

  13. My Rocky is 29 pounds and his brother Levi is 26 pounds.

  14. I had a Boston Terrier with AKC papers that was 25-29 pounds during the year .
    I lost him in a tragic car accident & now am very attached to the larger Boston’s.
    Please text me if anyone has black/white traditional markings large sire and dam
    Puppies… Soon I may be interested. It’s still too recent of a loss. I loved my Jack so much. I will want another male when I am ready. Nancy
    619-210-5719 attach photos and pricing please .

    • I am so very sorry for your loss, you need to be strong at this time! Suggest you just keep looking and if you find one that reminds you of Jack you could call him or her LJ Little Jack or Little Jackie. The only way you can remove your pain is with love and with the understanding that you both need each other. God Bless.

  15. My female Boston weighed in at 31 lbs today at the vet. He said she’s certainly proportionate and not overweight, but also the biggest Boston he’d ever seen!

  16. Mine is 4 years 6 mos old 42 lbs. That’s up a pound from last year’s Vet visit. No question he’s full blooded. Our Vets think he is beautiful and so do I. He’s proportioned just like the fifty pounder in the photos. No one I’ve talked to has ever seen a larger BT.

    • My baxter had to get some teeth extracted and ib the process wound up with a broken jaw so now he is on soft foods and is losing weigh.t

  17. My Buddy is a tall, lean, well muscled, 40 pounds. When he lays down to sleep he will move his back legs from under himself with a snap/kick that can really hurt. I mean kicked by a mule hurt! lol. He’s the perfect size and I really think the Boston Terrier club should have a separate category for the large Bostons. These guys are really the best of all Bostons IMHO

  18. I would love to buy a large breed Boston Terrier, can anybody help me out. I’m in the Fort Bragg, North Carolina area. Text or call me at 7573442245.they are so adorable and we have fell in love with my sister in laws Bostons as the have two of them.

  19. Ihave a 44 lb bostonterrer MEATBALL

  20. Glad to finally hear that there are other people with big Boston Terriers. My husband and I thought after getting him he might have been crossed with a boxer because he was bigger with a longer snout. Not that we would give him up or would have not taken him because we fell in love as soon as we saw him. Does anyone else have a brindle Boston? “J” and his brother were the only brindle with the 2 other girls being black and white. At almost 6 months he’s 15 pds. does anyone know how big he will get? Thanks for the help!

    • I have a purebred male boston. He’s about 40lbs. Brindle body with black and white head:)

    • Brindle is not uncommon at all…technically it is considered more ideal.original representation of the breed–even though the black and white ones look so regal in their little native tuxedos! And the weight classes are called lightweight, middle weight and heavyweight, like toy/mini and standard poodles, they come in the weight classes metioned above. In various regions of the country where purebreds who aren’t show quality are bred with nearby kennels (mostly puppy mills), there tends to be a “regional style” ranging from a squatty little chunky-monkey” not veruy Boston-y body and small cat-like ears and round apple head type in western KY to a leggy, bigger one in SW MO that looks like a gorgeous petite black and white boxer…and a heaveir, chunkier boxer type in NW Arkansas–I had a pretty 28-lb girl form there and one of my rescues is like that. Some in mid-MO have longer noses, more like Jack Russel or Rat terrier mixes, which is technically not as “pretty” but they sure can breathe better! (I have a rescue who may be a “Brat” mix or a long-nosed brindle mid-MO upppy mills baby. Of course all are attractive, and all have the wonderful BT personality. But they are different than the “cobby” stocky little flat-faced “ideal” for the breed, which was orginally brindle and evolved to allowe black and white as an alternative color…next will be the reds, the fawns, the silvers, etc.

    • I have a red and white male that has gold eyes and some brindle. Ours also has a longer snout and an underbite. Oogie is a little over a year old now and weighs about 34 pounds. He is in no way fat. Just solid muscle

  21. My Jack (Jackie boy) is a solid 36lb. four-year old boy and everybody ask if he’s full blooded but he is cause I raised his mom and dad. He was the first born and the biggest.He is also our big baby that gets whatever he wants…and believe me, he always wants something. 😉

  22. Our Bullet (Bully) weighs 35.3 lbs, and like all the rest of you say about your bostons, he is not fat. He is well muscled and healthy. We love him so much. I had to laugh at some of the descriptions of kicking like a mule when asleep and running in to you like a mac truck. Bullet does that too. He runs so fast. We also hear lots of comments about how big he is and whether he is a pit bull or a boxer. He is all boston with beautiful black and white markings with brindle running through the black. All dogs are wonderful, but bostons are the best. The bigger they are just means more to love.. 🙂

  23. I am eager to learn of breeders who are breeding extra large, healthy, boston terriers. Does anyone have any leads? Thanks.

  24. Happy to read there are other big B.T.s out there. Sonny Boy is 5 1/2 months old and 23.5 lbs. Has a litter mate that is only 10 lbs. at this age! Our last B.T. boy was 20 lbs. so this guy’s size was a big surprise. We love him and wouldn’t trade him for anything.

  25. Our Dexter is 40 lbs of lean and healthy BT! Everywhere he goes we get the comments! Two vets we go to have yet to see one as big or healthy :)) he is the perfect size! Just wish we knew the breeder since he was rehomed to us 5 years ago.

  26. Just took Sonny took the vet this morning to be neutered. First time I’ve left him since we got him at 10 weeks. Traumatic for mom!!! He’s now 6 months old and a whopping 26 lbs. of solid muscle! He’s no lap dog but still a cuddle bug and so sweet. We’re thinking of doing agility training since he’s such a big guy and great jumper. Anyone else doing agility with their B.T.s?

  27. Hi,, Guys!!!!
    Like some of you the Boston is the only dog for me. I did not care for them before Butters; 7 years old. He was not even 2 and I wanted a girl so my husband surprised me with Tootie, 7 also. A guy was going to take his Boston to the pound. We could not let that happen so we rescued Lilly, 9. Do you think 3 was enough??? We went to Uncle Bill’s on a whim. They only have BTs in there once in a whil so we did not think we would even see a Boston in there. WELL, LORD KNOWS I CANNOT NOR CAN HUSBAND RESIST. Little Knucky was behind that mirror saying “mommy come get me out.” Knucky is 3 months old. Needless to say, I am loving our fa,ily of four BTs and this little pup is the highlight of my dad!!! Yep, they sleep with us. They own the couch. They know when it is time to eat. Knucky stands under the table when he wants a treat. OMG CUTEST EVER!!! I wish they all had stayed that small, however, they are not big, but healthy and strong kids. SPOILED???? yes, they are!!!

  28. thank you for writing this… everyone thinks my boston must be mixed breed because he has long legs and is 28lbs… glad to see another one that looks just like my Blu 🙂

  29. I, like mike fortuna who wrote up here, wondering where I can get an extra large healthy pure bread BT? I live in New Hampshire and want a big beautiful boston terrier. Thank you

  30. My beautiful Boston weighs 36 lbs…..and he’s awesome I thought he was mixed but he’s not and he is only 1.5 yrs old

  31. Udate Brody just had his annual check up he is 7 1/2 years old he is weighing in at 46.5 lbs. Hes a mommas boy!

  32. I have a 40# Boston.(Banjo) He’s stout in nature, huge head, big ears, and packed full of muscle. I’ve always regretted having him neutered because of his genes, but thankful I did because of his skin allergies.
    He might tip the scales more than the average boston but he isn’t obese, it’s quite stunning that he developed so much muscle and mass naturally. He’s survived a Great Dane biting his throat when a careless owner let loose of it’s leash. (agressive dog that had attacked another dog previously) 14 stiches to close up his punture wounds. The vet was shocked when I put him on the scale; said he was the largest that had been through the clinic.

  33. My Boston is 2 and he is 28 pounds. he goes for walks all the time and runs around a lot. He exercises well. Not fat at all. He is purebred. Some Bostons are just bigger. I think the 12-25 pounds listed for Bostons on most web sites should be raised to 12-30 Pounds.

  34. My Molly (pure bred Boston Terrier) just weighed in at 47.8 lbs ????

  35. Finally! I’m glad to hear of others! My Ryder is 44 lbs. I can’t tell you how many times I have to strenuously tell people Yes, he’s a Boston!????????

  36. My BT is 42 or so pounds. Been that way since he was 10 months

  37. Our sweet Ms. Lilly just passed away of a very rare blood disorder. She was only 5 and it was very quick. We found out her platelets were low from a routine blood draw after seeing some spots on her belly and within 24 hours she was gone. We are just devastated. One of my favorite things about her was that she was a solid girl and not afraid of a good snuggle! She was 30 lbs and all muscle. Her bark was tough sounding and she could run a good 3-4 miles before getting tired. We miss her terribly and our search for a new Boston has come up with tiny dainty ones. Lilly was a rescue and we would love to rescue another one, but are hoping to find another solid, awesome girl to help fill the void. Can anyone recommend a good breeder or Boston Rescue that may have larger Bostons? Or do you know how to tell if they will end up being larger when they are just pups?
    Thanks so much!

    • Sorry for your loss. Our current BT is also a 30lb. plus guy we got from Paws in the Valley in Albuquerque, owned by Kristin Chavez. We lost our first BT, a more normal sized 20 lb.s to a cancerous tumor, so know your pain. Best thing to healing that whole in your heart is getting another. Our big boy was the largest in his litter and you could tell he was going to be big early on. His parents were normal size and his litter mates were ranged from small to his extra large size. Good luck in your search.

  38. Hi I’m interested in bringing a large sized Boston into my family. Does anyone have any info on specialized adoption or even a highly reputable breeder? Any other non criticizing or rude ideas ?

  39. Do any of y’all know a breeder who breeds larger Boston Terriers?

  40. I have a 32 lb female Boston terrier and only 9 months old shes a solid build seal and white I would like to breed her sometime in the future

  41. Our Boston Maxx weighs in at 40 lbs solid. He’s over 20 inches at the shoulder. He loves to snuggle.

  42. My boston is named Clyde and weighs 52 pounds solid!

  43. I also have a Boston terrier male about 9yrs old name Bruce last time I weighed him witch was about a month ago was 47bls

  44. Hi ! My Boston weighs 48 lbs… his name is Apollo

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