This Wild And Crazy Boston Terrier Goes All “Boston Terrier”

This Wild And Crazy Boston Terrier Goes All “Boston Terrier”

Have a crazy Boston Terrier? You are not alone. Odds are that if you’re the parent of a Boston Terrier, you see a little crazy on a daily basis. When we say “going all Boston Terrier,” we assume you automatically know what we mean. This is why we love them! The crazy eyes, the incredible speed, the furious kisses and the quick and shifty movements, this is our life and we’re proud to live it.

Some nights, our dogs will take off like rockets and run around the house. Now, we have a video to see exactly what happens when that giant burst of energy is contained to a hallway and the Boston expends that energy in a small space. The best part of this video is not that this dog looks like a boxer in a ring but the giant smile on it’s face the entire time. This hilarious video comes to us courtesy of Charles and will have you smiling from ear to ear. Does your Boston like to go crazy like this? We would love to see photos and videos if you’d like to send them our way.

If you think this video is wild, you can see what it looks like from a Boston Terrier’s perspective. We recently posted a video of a Boston equipped with a GoPro camera to show you exactly what they see when they have these bursts of energy.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Are you the owner of a hyper and crazy Boston Terrier? How do you calm them down? Or do you just free the beast and let them run wild? In our house, we let the beasts run wild and let the chips fall where they may. Every single day is an adventure with these two wild children.


  1. I love how the title says …”going “boston terrier”” this is exactly what mine does!!!!!

  2. We call it zoomies. Our new BT, Lola, is the fastest dog I have ever seen. She’s crazy wild!

  3. I love it! We call ours ‘run-arounds’!

  4. We call it the Boston500!

  5. Me too! I would call my (departed love) Molly “the fastest dog ever?” And her little head would go backward, and then………..zoom! Like a cartoon dog. Miss her SOOO much.

  6. We call it the Boston Buzz ;P

  7. I have been bitten by the Boston Bug! got yo have at least one.

  8. My Lucy does the same thing with her zoomies. she flies off furniture and bounces off couch cushions with a glazed look in her eyes. This being my first BT I tried to stop it but now the lab and I just get out of the way until she is done. Then she immediately goes to sleep.

  9. Love Boston’s…..Gracie Marie is my 4th. I’ve had one since childhood. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them….They are one of a kind.

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