An Awesome Boston Terrier Tattoo Of Willis

An Awesome Boston Terrier Tattoo Of Willis

We here at love a good Boston Terrier tattoo, as you’re probably aware by now. Last year, we had our first Boston Terrier tattoo photo sent to us and since then, we’ve received over THIRTY! There are so many ways to memorialize your Boston Terrier and we are totally on board with your kids photo with you for the rest of your life. With that being said, we have yet another awesome Boston Terrier tattoo to share with you and an amazing story to go along with it. The photo and story come to us from Brett.

“I’d like to share my Boston Terrier tattoo of my beloved, Willis. I was always a cat person and never had a dog before, but that all changed when my wife and I adopted a Boston Terrier from our local Humane Society about 4 years ago. Willis was the sweetest pup that I could ever imagine and we’re forever BT people. I learned many life lessons from him and absolutely adored my time with him by my side. We never knew his age, but knew he was an older pup and he died aboutyear ago due to old age/health complications. About a year and a half ago we adopted another from Northeast BT Rescue and he is quite the character. The tattoo was done by my brother-in-law in Somerville, NJ, and feel free to share it on your site.”

As someone who grew up with cars, I am right there with you Brett. Sophie and Baxter have taught me so much, most importantly my ability to love an animal as if it was a human child. It sounds like you guys are giving these dogs an amazing home and we salute you for it.

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