Spanky Executes A Boston Terrier Photobomb During Bath Time

Spanky Executes A Boston Terrier Photobomb During Bath Time

We’ve had our fair share of Boston Terrier photobombs featured on this site over the years. In fact, our little girl, Sophie, has been the culprit of more than a few of them. At this point, we are noticing a trend of Boston Terriers that sure do love to photobomb. For those of you unsure of what a photobomb is, we’ll educate you. According to Wikipedia, “Photobombing is the act of inserting oneself into the field of view of a photograph, often in order to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects.” If that doesn’t explain it, the attached photo should do the trick.

This photo comes to us courtesy of Valerie who just wanted a simple picture of her husband. Her Boston Terrier had other ideas. Valerie tells us, “After daddy had a long day at work he wanted to wind down with a nice whirlpool bubble bath. So daddy snoozes off and Mommy wants to take a picture, little did she know Spanky would photo bomb the moment. Spanky loves that his daddy can relax and doze off in the tub, Daddy works hard. He deserves a moment of bubble bliss.” 

Come on Spanky, let your hard working dad relax! We wish we could be on dad’s side here, but we’ll always support a Boston Terrier looking to create an funny photo.

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