Lexie The Boston Terrier Gets A New Boston Terrier Puppy

Lexie The Boston Terrier Gets A New Boston Terrier Puppy

Our three favorite words around here are Boston Terrier puppy for good reason. We have a new one to show off that you will just fall in love with! For those of you not familiar with Lexie, she was one of the first ever dogs featured on iBostonTerrier.com! We are so happy to see what a beautiful girl she has become and more importantly, now she has a new puppy sister!

Lexie and here mom, Kalin, are so proud to introduce you to the new Boston Terrier puppy in the house, Stella! Stella is “seven weeks old and full of energy! She is out to conquer the world, but starting with the backyard for now.” Kalin tells us that Lexie looks at her like “Mom what is this thing” but adds, “Stella follows lexie everywhere, it’s adorable! These to are going to be great friends!”

See Lexie’s first ever trip to the beach here: http://ibostonterrier.com/2012/04/video-lexie-the-boston-terriers-first-trip-to-the-beach/

When we brought our new Boston Terrier puppy home to meet Sophie, she could not stand Baxter. Nowadays, they sleep together, eat together, wrestle and don’t leave each others side for a minute. In due time, the Boston Terrier puppy will become the Boston Terrier teammate to your existing dog.

We are so happy to see that Lexie is still living a dream life and we know she’ll make the best big sister! Enjoy these photos of Lexie and her new Boston Terrier puppy, Stella!

boston terrier puppy stella

Luckily, Lexie still has time to hang with some of her best friends!

boston terrier party


  1. These pictures are just precious. The one of Lexie and Stella just melts your heart. Enjoy your new baby.

  2. I love the Boston! Any Boston is a sweet dog, because I have one myself, and it’s a rescue dog who has brought such love in my house!

  3. Love love love all Boston’s…check mine out on Twitter. .LoveHappiness@peace643

  4. I just got four 8-week old Boston Terrier puppies last night to foster for our local Humane Society. Sooooo precious!!!!

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