An Incredible Boston Terrier Action Shot And More

An Incredible Boston Terrier Action Shot And More

We love a good Boston Terrier action shot around here and this one does not disappoint! With names like Chili and Macho, we’d expect nothing less than the most exciting Boston Terrier action shot photos ever! Their mom, Blaire, was so excited to share these wild photos with us and give us some information and these two sweet kids. It’s not just action shots, though. We have some glamour shots to share with you too! We’ll let them mom introduce you to them:

“These are my 2 BT’s  Chili and Macho. Chili is the bigger girl at 32 lbs. and she just had her fourth birthday. She is the sweetest sweetest little girl ever. Macho is my scrawny boy. He’s two year old and FULL of energy and sweetness, he could go all day long. He is always game for anything as long as he can be by your side. Together, they are my Bonnie and Clyde….TROUBLE, but that’s what makes them who they are. I love these two to death. Here are a couple pictures of them doing their favorite thing, swimming! We live on the Gulf Coast of Florida and have a boat. Whenever we can bring them out to romp around, run like the wind and chase the birdies we do. They love hanging off the bow of the boat and cooling off.”

We hope you enjoy these amazing photos!


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