Boston Terrier Brothers Have A Birthday Party

Boston Terrier Brothers Have A Birthday Party

One of our favorite pair of Boston Terrier brothers, Dozer and Capone are back and this time, they’re here to party! We’ve seen these two as individuals and as you’ll see by the photos below, these two guys are the best of friends. They are growing up so fast and if we can take away anything from these photos, it’s that they are just two peas in a pod. Their mom, Kim, gave us an update on her two boys: “Dozer just had his first birthday and as you can see Capone is thrilled. Lol. Capone is 18 weeks and is a true little brother. He follows Dozer everywhere. They sleep together and play together and do pretty much everything together. Boston brotherly love.”

Sometimes in life, all you need to do is see a couple of Boston Terriers cuddling to turn your frown upside down. There is love in this world and these two are proof of that.

Happy Birthday Dozer!

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  1. These puppies are the loves of my life

  2. The shot of them sleeping is very cute

  3. Its so amazing how human they act at times. The picture of them sleeping is just too sweet for words. Donna

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