Teller Makes A Crazy Boston Terrier Face

Teller Makes A Crazy Boston Terrier Face

Yes, there is such thing as “crazy Boston Terrier face” and we are proud to show off Teller’s to you today. We’ve all seen it, eyes bugging out, cheeks flapping backwards and a half jump to complete the madness. There is nothing better than catching a glimpse of your Boston Terriers hilarious movements before and after this “face” is made and if you really pay attention, you may be able to see it once or twice a day. Teller showed us hers and her parents, Tania and Michael, told us all about it.

“We live in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) and our boston, Teller, is just over 1 year old. To set the record straight, she isn’t named after Penn & Teller, but after Gemma Teller from Sons of Anarchy. She’s definitely as spunky as Gemma, so the name serves her well.

She does this thing before she falls asleep where she runs back and forth at full speed (either on the sofa or from one sofa to the other). Sometimes she goes totally bananas and does this on the hardwood floors. We have marks on our walls from where she skids into them.

We got her in the winter, so she didn’t truly discover grass until spring/summer 2013. I think this transformed her life because she gets traction during her crazy runs. The attached photo says it all.”

teller crazy boston terrier face



Now THAT is a “crazy Boston Terrier face!”

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