Beau The Boston Terrier Urgently Needs Your Help

Beau The Boston Terrier Urgently Needs Your Help

Every once in a while, we must all band together and help a Boston Terrier in need. This boy has gone through the worst of the worst, “Beau was picked up by the shelter after being left for dead in a ditch. He has been used as a bait dog and shot with bbs.” Beau the Boston Terrier needs our help. We had done a quick post on him recently and have more information for you. He is currently with the Short Mugs Rescue Squad and they have quite a bit of funds to raise. We will never ask you directly to donate money to a rescue, we are a medium to keep you informed. However, we are asking you to help spread the word and get Beau’s story out there. Here’s the update from the rescue group:

“Beau saw the surgeon today. We have good news and bad news. His front leg is not being used because the muscle is very withered and damaged from infection and tearing injuries. His scapula is also fractured and partially healed. The vet does not feel like at this time with so much infection it would be safe to try to operate or repair. He could possibly have infection in the bone, but he could not tell from xray. He will stay on pain meds and do physical therapy for the front leg and we will see how it progresses. His back legs do have surgical options, but they are very damaged. To fix his knees he would have to have a groove created to hold the knee cap as there is not one now and the knee cap is sitting completely outside on the outer part of the leg. The ligaments will have to be re-positioned by cutting the bone holding it and moving it and screwing it back in place. One leg is also more damaged than the other and might need to have the femur shortened and a plate put it. It is not a guarantee that it will work, but the surgeon feels hopeful. We will have a re-check appointment in 2 weeks to make sure the infection has not come back then we can schedule the first surgery. He will have one leg done at at time and after both legs are done we will re-evaluate the front leg and see what we need to do. I was very touched that the surgeon said Beau was lucky to have been taken in by SMRS and to have so many people who love and support him. He is a fighter!!

beau boston terrier rescue

It is estimated that the surgeries will be around $7,000 ($3,500 each knee) and we did not discuss the front leg cost as we do not know what we will be doing yet. We will be holding an online auction in February to help with the cost. If you have any items to donate to the auction please email Courtney and let her know. We will also be setting up a fundrazr specifically for the surgery if anyone would like to donate or share the information. Again we appreciate all the love and support for Beau and his story!!

You can get more information on Beau and the rescue on their Facebook page:

You can also view his personal webpage on their site here:

Thank you so much, Boston Terrier Nation!


  1. How and where can I give a donation for Beau?

  2. How do I donate?

  3. How do we donate?

  4. Well done for rescuing this poor boy. How can I donate for his surgery?

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