Lucas The Rescued Boston Lives A Life Of Luxury

Lucas The Rescued Boston Lives A Life Of Luxury

Remember Spanky the Boston Terrier who executed the photobomb of the century? Did you know he has a brother that was rescued? We are excited to introduce you to Lucas the Boston Terrier! His parents were nice enough to send over some photos and share his amazing story with all of us:

“I’ll introduce you to Lucas…rescued from the South LA Animal Shelter, I got Lucas back in September 2013. I saw his picture on Boston Buddies and I fell in love. The post said, will someone go get this baby at the shelter and I rushed over there after getting off work. Spanky was not the most welcoming big brother, but he knew Lucas would be staying. It’s been 3 months and they get long ok (tolerate each other)… Lucas is about 7-10 lbs bigger than Spanky so he bosses him around a bit. The day he was rescued:

Well Lucas lives the life of luxury now…sharing a 3 Bedroom home mommy got in May with Spanky and Daddy… I was waiting for the perfect story to share for your blog…and last night after my tamale went missing… I finally got one….

Lucas is one guilty hungry pup… We have a pub style dining table and we have brought take out back from our dinners, while Spanky will not ever touch food that’s not given to him, Lucas decides the left overs are for him…so far he has stolen :

#1 Carne Asada Nachos (Meat Nachos)
#2 Wonton Soup
#3 Fish & Seafood Soup (neatly took it outside thru doggy door and ate it in grass) mommy didn’t have to clean up the mess
#4 Grandma’s home made Cheese and Jalapeño Tamale

He is not ashamed! Now I have vowed to be extra careful with my food, so far he didn’t get sick but his tummy was happy.”

We love stories like this and we are big fans of this awesome family!


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