Lexy The Boston Terrier Celebrates Being Able To Walk

Lexy The Boston Terrier Celebrates Being Able To Walk

Boston Terriers are fighters, we know this. Lexy the Boston Terrier is even further proof of that. Pure determination and some acupuncture helped this sweet girl walk again and it’s been an amazing three years ever since. Here’s the update on Lexy and her siblings: “Update on Lexy.  This week we celebrate Lexy’s three year anniversary of  walking after damaging her spine.  Lexy, a four year old rescue, is now well adjusted to her home.  It took patience and lots of love to make her finally feel at home in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  She is now a solid, permanent member of our household, Ken and Ken!  She loves her brother Stoney, age 10 and, well, she tolerates her sister Rosey, age 8, and vise versa.  Attached are pictures of all three:  Lexy undergoing her acupuncture three years ago with her peanut!  Six months of weekly acupunture was well worth it.  Three great Bostons!”

See the girls below: Lexy, Rosey and Stoney.

Lexy Rosey Stoney


  1. Beautiful babies and amazing story! It’s so sad to hear about all the shelters with rescue bostons and here in Chile we have just a few of them! I would adopt them all!!!

  2. I see Lexi was a patient at Caroline Animal Hospital in Milford, Va. They have a wonderful team. Loving, caring, knowledgable is how I would describe the veterinarians and technicians there. I love hearing these success stories and I wish Lexi many more years of mobility and love from her family!

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