A Conversation With Penny The Boston Terrier

A Conversation With Penny The Boston Terrier

Do your Boston Terriers “talk” to you? Mine do. Jeannine’s clearly do. Here’s what she told us.

“I thought this one was cute enough to share, Penny “talking” to me about why I should throw the ball for her. I put in subtitles of what I think she’s saying.

Penny is a 4 year old Boston Terrier, she also has a 2 year old BT sister named June Bug (not in this particular video though).  They make us laugh everyday! They’ve had an impact on my parents too, so much that when they saw an opportunity to rescue a young BT they took it. The BT fever is spreading in our family =).  While these two were not technically rescues, they were both the last of their litter, and I was approached each time (same breeder) to take them… both times I said no initially. In fact I said no three times when offered Penny as we weren’t quite set up for a new dog at the time. But we couldn’t stop thinking about them.”

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  1. Penny’s so adorable!! Hurry up and throw that ball mom!!?????

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