Dori The Boston Terrier Needs Your Help

Dori The Boston Terrier Needs Your Help

This is one of those stories that will break your heart and make you smile at the same time. Dori has clearly gone through hell and back but this sweet girl is still smiling and fighting to get better. Dori needs our help. The Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue needs our help. Let’s work together, spread the word, and help them Dori back to normal. Here’s the story:

AZBTR was contacted when this petite girl was picked up after having been dumped on Salt River Reservation. We took her to the e-vet and one of her eyes had to be removed. Her other eye will require intervention to save it due to a severe eye ulcer.


When our volunteer went to pick Dori up yesterday, we received an unexpected surprise. Dori’s eye surgery was massively swollen as was her neck and she could not move her head. Upon closer examination, the vet found ulcers on Dori’s tongue and determined the reason for the swelling complication (if not the damaged eye) resulted from a SNAKE BITE.

Dori is the petite Boston Terrier abandoned on the reservation Wednesday. After a damaged eye was removed, there were swelling complications and the vet discovered Dori had been bitten by a snake. Dori was released yesterday, July 4th, and as you can see she is in her foster home recovering, eating, and moving about.


AZBTR is continuing to request donations to help with Dori’s sudden expenses. Your contributions to our 501 (c) 3 non-profit are tax deductible. Thank you!

Please go donate and spread the word – thank you.


Keep up with Dori’s progress on the AZBTR Facebook page:

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