Meet Sadie the Adorable and Deaf Boston Terrier Puppy

Meet Sadie the Adorable and Deaf Boston Terrier Puppy

Sadie the Boston Terrier puppy might be deaf, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying every single moment of her perfect little life. Take one look at the photos below and you’ll see a little girl that can’t stop smiling! We received these adorable photos from Sadie’s mom, Shelby, who told us, “She is deaf but that doesn’t stop her from being a happy social sweetheart!”

Can’t get enough of this beautiful little girl? You can follow her on Instagram at @sadie_the_boston.

Seriously, how much do you love this little girl?



  1. Sad is is an absolute darling gift from God. Darling markings love love ones on her back. Very special girl!!

    • Actually in theory her markings are responsible for her being deaf. This is why it is important for responsible breeders to BAER test their Bostons for hearing prior to breeding. Also, Bostons with excessive white should be bred only if they are tested and ideally with a dog that has also been tested and is preferably dark factored (less white).

      Unfortunately some breeders are not aware of these things and breed for these cute markings on purpose, thinking blue eyes are unique or the white faces are cute and customers love them. This puppy was bred for color since her red color is a disqualification from the BTCA/AKC standard as well so unfortunately her breeder may not have had the best practices to begin with which is sad when the puppy has to pay the price.

      That’s not to say a responsible breeder who does all of the above testing and selection can’t get a puppy with too much white (I have) but this lessens their chances of producing a puppy who does not have all the advantages a puppy should have in their life, such as hearing.

  2. I have had two deaf Bostons and both were a joy. Use lights for ways to get her attention. The Dalmatian owners and breeder have wonderful training tips as they have had a problem with deafness as well. God bless Sadie with a long life and a happy safe home.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments! We are learning American Sign Language and working with a trainer. A vibrating collar is on its way! Follow our journey 🙂

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