This Boston Terrier Puppy Does Some Serious Tricks

This Boston Terrier Puppy Does Some Serious Tricks

Talk about a wonderkind, Murphy the Boston Terrier is only 17 weeks old and rocking some pretty serious tricks! We already know that Boston Terriers are the smartest dog breed out there, Murphy is just a reminder of how young our little furbabies start learning.

This video comes to us courtesy of YouTube user Fightoo and will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Seriously though, how adorable is this little genius?


  1. Could never open the video, very disappointed! Some other crazy weird spooky ones opened. Maybe you can try again.

  2. Murphy is adorable…we have two Bostons…best breed!! Well Done Murphy!

  3. Thank you for showing again as this time I could view. Murphy is very intelligent and quick! Given time and training, he should be able to execute any trick you wish. Also, very handsome and learning so fast to be so young! Thanks for sharing!

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