Buddy The Boston Terrier Adjusts To A New Life

Buddy The Boston Terrier Adjusts To A New Life

We love rescue Boston Terriers, and we always love to hear about the amazing paths they take to find their forever home. Buddy the Boston Terrier has a unique story, but it ends with a loving forever home and we couldn’t be more happy about it. Thanks for the email, Frete.

“I am anxious for you to meet Buddy, my three year old male Boston Terrier who came to me from a rescue in Wheeling WV almost one year ago ( “gotcha day” I will celebrate on February 15).

Buddy spent his first two years as a stud in a puppy mill in northern Kentucky.  When the breeder died on January 1, 2015, Buddy, his mate, and eight puppies were rescued.  While I adopted Buddy, my niece and her husband adopted one of Buddy’s puppies, Charlie!

I come from a family of Boston lovers.  We had a BT named Frosty as a family bet (adopted in 1965 who died in 1978).  My sister, who bought Buddy for me as a Christmas gift, has two bostons, Henry and Jillian.

Something unique about Buddy’s transition – I am a Catholic priest (notice my matching uniform to Buddy’s) and Buddy lives in the priests’ residence with three of us priests.  In short order Buddy went from stud service and father of many in a breeder farm, to a neutered and microchipped, into a celibate existence with a rather monastic community of brothers.  He seems to have made the shift pretty well.”



  1. Such a wonderful story. Went from father to many, to son of three!

  2. Buddy is one very lucky pup. So much love to give and gets so much in return. Rescues are the best!! Enjoy your new life, Buddy, you are LOVED
    I know…Iam rescued too.

    Your friend, Murphy the mini schnauzer

  3. Buddy is one lucky pup! He is so full of love and gives so much love in return.
    Rescues are the best….I know….I am one too!

    Your friend, Murphy the Mini Scnauzer

  4. Adam,
    Thanks for sharing buddies story and cute face with everybody.
    Buddy’s “Father”

  5. Buddy is beautiful! What a nice photo. I am very happy for Buddy that he has such a wonderful home. Dogs are proof that God loves us.

  6. God bless you all!!!
    From your Orthodox cousins in Butte Montana, Simon, Bobby, Teddy and Chummy!

  7. I am so very happy for the two of you! A relationship with a Boston is a journey in itself. God Bless!

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