Meet Rocky The Giant Boston Terrier

Meet Rocky The Giant Boston Terrier

We’ve had some huge Boston Terriers featured on the site in the past and Rocky is no different, this sweet boy is 44 pounds! We received these adorable photos from Rocky’s dad, Jeff, as well as the full story on his sweet big boy.

I’d like to introduce you all to my beloved Boston Terrier named Rocky. To start with, he is almost 7 years old and grew to be very large at 44 lbs. I fell in love with his puppy looks just because he was red in color (bad, not breed standard). His siblings are all small black and white and one brindle standards.  I chose him because of is color and to me looked the healthiest because how chunky he was as a puppy compared to the rest. 

Rocky is the best dog one could ever want. He is powerful, athletic, smart and fast. He clowns around and brings me his toys every night and when he does I must ready myself because he hits you like a linebacker if your not paying attention to him and his toy.  He runs and cuts his stride like he is a 20 lb breed standard dog. I’m so lucky to have him. He loves all people and he is especially gentle with children. I did have to take him for professional training however because he had a habit of getting into fights with dogs. Please see the attached training photo in a pack of German Shepherds  I know the whole story about the undesirable red BT and if large at any color is not to be bred with breed standards.  Maybe AKC should add and urge breeders to develop another category for this wonderful good looking powerful Boston Terrier with all the good traits that a small standard BT has. I also love the breed standard dogs and I didn’t choose Rocky because of his rarity. I chose him because he impressed me so as a puppy and continues to every day we are together. “


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