Two Boston Terriers Need A New Home Now

Two Boston Terriers Need A New Home Now

We received an email from a woman that can no longer take care of her two Boston Terriers and she’s looking for the perfect home for them. We will give you the details and her contact information, the dogs are free to the right home but she is going to be very careful in selecting their new humans. This is everything we received from her – the rest is up to you! If you do get these dogs, please let us know!

“I need help finding special home for my 2 Bostons 2 Boston Terriers needs forever home, Must stay together, Male and Female Name Fred and Lillie They were adopted from Puppy Mill July 2007 ( 11 years old now) Both are neutered Cage Trained 3 Years ago They were with my husband Ex wife Gave up her rights to Let us take them cause they needed Medical Attentions Now they need forever home together… My Husband is about to Retire and were selling our farm and everything we have , We have 4 Other dogs, One just pass away from old age and cancer, We love our Dogs But cannot Take them all on the road with us…. We are very sensitive about them going to new homes and very worry they get into wrong hands of wrong people that can take them and love them and care for them and treat them right….. Lillie have seizures once an while when she over heated But when she plays get to excited she twinkles, Fred is Shy around new people especially Men, he was abused by the Mill owner… Best they be only dogs in an household they do get along with cats, Fred does like to run and play and sometimes he forget to be easy and will nip or bite and doesn’t mean to do it especially around children The Both prone to skin allergy’s, Last front line was in December 2015.”

If you are interested, here is her contact information: Were in Middlefield Ohio , I am deaf so I don’t use Phone, But I can text on my Cell 330-720-3609 Or they can Call my Husband 330-720-4319 or Facebook Contact









  1. Are both 11? Send me more details please like where they are located at.

  2. I take my two Boston Terriers everywhere. Vacations, road trips.

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