Mandy The Boston Terrier Needs A Loving Home

Mandy The Boston Terrier Needs A Loving Home

Are you in or around Omaha, Nebraska and need some more love in your life? Look no further than Mandy the Boston Terrier! This sweet girl is currently with Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue and is patiently waiting for a loving forever home. Interested? We have some more information directly from the rescue group to help you decide if she is a good fit for your home.

Meet Mandy, aka Sassy-pants! Her age is not known for sure, but she is believed to be between 7 and 9 years of age. She looks more like a puppy than a dog 7-9 years old. Mandy came to rescue from a breeder when her milk did not come in after giving birth. Her pups were taken away, and she was sent to rescue. In spite of that, Mandy is just about the happiest and sweetest dog you will ever meet. She loves people and gets along great with other dogs too. She’s great company around the house and likes to be in the same room with her people. Some of her favorite things to do around the house are snuggling and chewing on her Nyla-bones. Mandy walks well on a leash and enjoys going for walks and meeting new people and other dog friends. She’s a social girl. About the only thing, Mandy doesn’t like much are cats! NO CATS for Mandy—she would rather chase them and probably have a snack! She’s excellent about going potty every time she goes outside, but she still needs monitoring in the house as she doesn’t quite know to give potty cues that she has to go outside. A little more work and she will get there. Mandy is kennel trained.


Can you give Mandy her loving forever home that she’s been waiting for?

Mandy has been spayed, given all of her vaccinations and is microchipped.

If you are interested in adopting, please go to for an online application. Thanks.

Or for an adoption application, please email us at You will receive a response within 48 hours with the application attached. For NBTR’s adoption process go to our home page. Just click on our name under the dog’s picture. NBTR requires a FENCED IN YARD for all adopting families.

Find more information on her Petfinder page by clicking here.


  1. I live in Florida I am interested in Mandy I have a fenced & a black & white Boston

  2. Yes, I can but live in Philadelphia 19140 . I would to have her soon this could be my Christmas present.

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