Rudy The Boston Terrier’s Most Impressive Video Yet

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Rudy the Boston Terrier has been featured more times than any other dog on His dad Stuart is one of the most dedicated dog dads we’ve come across on this site and love when Rudy pops into our email box. Rudy has had some hilarious moments in the past but this may be his most impressive video yet. Rudy’s dad, Stuart, told us all about this impressive video: “I tend to film Rudy when he does things that I personally find the most entertaining so I tend to film a disproportionate amount of Rudy rough housing with other dogs or otherwise engaging in wild behavior.  This understandably has lead many to believe that Rudy is a very high energy dog who is difficult to control.  The reality is that Rudy most of the time is a very calm and...

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Rudy The Boston Terrier Makes A Tiny New Friend

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We know that our Boston Terriers can play with the biggest dog at the park and act like they’re even bigger, right? But what happens when our giant and mighty Boston Terriers meet a very tiny dog? Intrigue and curiosity happens, of course. Our friend Rudy is back and this time, he met a very tiny dog at the park and his reaction is priceless. Watch as Rudy gets all up in the grill of a chihuahua puppy weighing just a few pounds. Apparently the chihuahua’s parent scooped him up, but we all know it would have been fine. After you’re done watching the video below, see the rest of Rudy’s posts on iBostonTerrier here: You can follow Rudy on Facebook...

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Rudy The Boston Terrier Makes His Premier On DOGTV

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in Videos | 1 comment

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the presence of a star! Thanks to you, Rudy the Boston Terrier was able to get featured on DOGTV and we have a video clip to share with you! Rudy’s dad, Stuart, sent us an update with a video clip of Rudy on DOGTV. Here’s Rudy’s dad, Stuart: “DOGTV has graciously provided me this clip of some of the footage aired during Rudy’s premier this month. As you can see, the weather conditions on the day we filmed were really sloppy. It was warm at over 40F, but because it was so warm the large accumulation of snow and ice at the park was melting making for a very wet, snowy, and icy mess. Rudy was not liking this at all and really had no interest in playing with other dogs like he usually...

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Rudy The Boston Terrier Is A DogTV “DogStar”

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in News | 4 comments

Remember when we asked for your help in getting votes for our good buddy, Rudy the Boston Terrier? YOU did it! Rudy is going to be featured on DogTV! Rudy isn’t new to the spotlight, he’s been featured on more than any other dog on this planet and even starred in a commercial! This guy is going places and we’re happy to support him for the wild ride. For those not familiar with Rudy, you must see this boy! All of his (amazing) posts can be found here: We promise each and every one will keep you smiling from ear to ear! Help us congratulate Rudy with well wishes in the comments section below! Be sure to follow Rudy on...

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Rudy The Boston Terrier Needs Your Votes

Posted by on Dec 17, 2013 in News | 1 comment

Our good old friend Rudy the Boston Terrier needs your votes to be featured on DogTV! The voting is taking place to find a #DOGSTAR that will be featured on the channel. For those not familiar, DogTV “provides television for dogs as a 24/7 digital TV channel with dog – friendly programing scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone.” Our friend Rudy has been featured countless times on and deserves all of our votes! His dad, Stuart, tells us: “I created a mashup of all of Rudy’s videos and entered it in the Dogstar video contest (see below link).  As I type this, he is now in second place trailing by just a few votes.   It would be great if you, your friends, and family could vote for him at the below link. ...

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