Happy Birthday Winston The Boston Terrier

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We wanted to take some time out of our day to wish Winston the Boston Terrier a very happy first birthday! We received a bunch of adorable photos from Winston’s mom, Cristen! Enjoy the photos and join us in wishing Winton a Happy Birthday! Winston is turning one year old this Friday, February 24th. We’ve had him since he was eight weeks old and in his first year, we learned a LOT about each other. Winston is ultra loving, devoted, loyal and playful. He will give anyone hugs and kisses. He loves making new friends and always has room to share his toys – he may try to get you to chase them for it, though;) we also found out this year that Winston has irritable bowel disease. We went through quite a bit to get this guy to...

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Toki The Boston Terrier Has A Home Thanks To You

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When we post Boston Terriers that are in need of a loving home, we depend on good people to spread the word. Even if a dog is needing a home in San Diego, it takes people all around the world sharing their posts and getting eyes on their situation. One dog that we felt very strongly about, Toki, found a home thanks to so many people getting out there and spreading the word for him. We worked very closely with the Oklahoma Boston Terrier Rescue when trying to find Toki a home, and we’re so excited that everything worked out so perfectly for him! A huge thank you to Jen for giving Toki the life he deserves! “Just wanted to write and let you know that I adopted Toki (the one-eyed Boston from OK) that you featured on your...

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Sully The Boston Terrier Can Finally Walk On Hardwood Floors

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A while back, we met Dr. Julie Buzby – an amazing veterinarian and the creator of ToeGrips, non-slip nail grips that fit onto dogs’ toenails, adhere by friction, and create the GripZone—gripping the floor in a way a dog’s toenails cannot. We love the product because we have hardwood floors and Sophie and Baxter are constantly sliding across the floor. They are even great for senior dogs that are having trouble keeping their balance. Imagine our surprise the other day when our Instagram friend Sully (@pugglenamedstitch) was on the social network wearing his ToeGrips! “the ever-exasperated #sully even more so with his new #drbuzbystoegrips. really ma?! the good news is, they work! no more losing his hind legs on our hardwood floor!”   We’re so happy that Sully can finally walk (and run) free on the hardwood floors he’s been...

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9 Ways You Can Tell You Have A Boston Terrier

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You are going to love this post because it could not be more true! When speaking at the BlogPaws conference last month, I met Bryn of A Dog Walks Into A Bar and we hit it off! Not just because we both have one black and one red Boston Terrier. She wrote this amazing guest post for us and we know you’ll all love it. This may be the most relatable thing you’ll see all week. Be sure to go follow her on Facebook and Twitter for a good laugh, especially if you like dogs and booze! 1. FARTS!! Good lord. All.The.Farts! They happen as your pup is lovingly laying you your lap. They happen under the covers. The happen when the dog is looking out the window and aiming their bum straight at your nasal cavity and make your...

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Lola The Boston Terrier Is So Fashionable

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Our little guy Baxter wears hoodies every day so we can certainly respect a Boston Terrier that loves to rock a hoodie. Lola-Bree is so fashionable and she knows it, look at that huge smile! Lola’s dad, Richard, sent us this photo of his little girl and told us a little bit about her. “This is Lola, short for Lola-Bree our 2 1/2 yr old Boston Terrier girl. She loves to play, doesn’t bark and is exceptional at stealing socks. Lola is a service dog and has a beautiful, happy, love to please and make you laugh attitude.” We love that...

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Makenzie The Boston Terrier Loves Walks By The River

Posted by on Jul 24, 2016 in Photos | 2 comments

We love walking our dogs along the Colorado River and letting them jump around in the shallow end, happy to see that there are more adorable Boston Terriers getting to enjoy some nature in their life! Meet Makenzie, she’s proving us right every single day. It is 1000% impossible to not fall madly in love with a Boston Terrier. There is no better breed on the planet. Makenzie’s dad told us all about their adventures! “Makenzie is our first Boston Terrier after having chihuahuas for years. All the hype is true, you can’t help but fall in love with a Boston Terrier. She loves walks with Dad along the river in Chilliwack,...

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