Cherry Eye

Cherry Eye or Eyelid Protrusion is the prolapsed gland of the eyelid causing a large pink/red mass to protrude from your dog’s eyelid. The condition is associated with congenital weakness of the gland’s attachment in the eye.

If your dog has cherry eye, you’ll know it. If it does present, you will see a large oval mass protruding from your dog’s third eyelid and can present in one or both eyes. You will also notice swelling and irritation in the affected eye(s).

If you do notice a mass, please take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. Your vet will review the mass to determine the underlying cause, most common diagnoses are: scrolled or everted cartilage in the third eyelid, abnormal cells in the third eye, or a prolapse of fat in the dog’s eye.

Boston Terrier cherry eye

In severe cases, the treatment includes surgical replacement of the gland or removal of the gland all together if the condition is bad enough. If surgery is not needed, topical anti-inflammatory drugs can be administered to reduce swelling.

Sadly, there are currently no known preventative measures for this medical condition.

[Information provided by PetMD]