[Photo] Rosie The Boston Terrier Missed Her Sister

[Photo] Rosie The Boston Terrier Missed Her Sister

Since Baxter has come home, he and Sophie have slowly bonded and are now inseparable. I’m not sure Sophie can imagine a night away from her little brother. Rosie and Penny are the same way and recently had to spend a night apart. Here are some photos from Kate with a little back story, “Here are some new pics of our girls. Rosie just got back today from the vets office from being spayed. She was there overnight and it was the first time the two have been a part. Now that she’s home, they have been all over each other like they missed each other! Enjoy!”

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  1. So cute!!! And wonderful that your two kids have finally blended! BT’s love to be together! 🙂

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