[Video] How To Catch A Wild Boston Terrier

[Video] How To Catch A Wild Boston Terrier

Ah, yes, the majestic wild Boston Terrier. Have you ever tried to wrangle one of these little crazies in the middle of a wild session? This video from akuehn713 shows you exactly how to catch one of these little creatures for yourself. “Boston Terriers are quick little dogs and they cause a lot of trouble. I thought I’d shoot an instructional video to help Boston Terrier owners catch their mischievous dogs.” Do you plan on using this method?


  1. love it, I can catch mine easy, just drop one of dog food in her bowl and she will be there before you can back off. She is only 10 lbs. and fast fast fast.

  2. Cute.

  3. Well done.
    Now… If you’ve got two Bostons on the bait, both giving it the death shake, what do you do?
    That’s what it’s like at my house.

  4. the bostons face at the end is priceless oh my god

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