[Slideshow] Hurley And El’s Boston Terrier Sibling Love

[Slideshow] Hurley And El’s Boston Terrier Sibling Love

“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.” Meet Hurley and El, these Boston Terrier siblings absolutely love each other and spend all of their time together in Austin, Texas. Their mom, Linda, told us all about their story. “Hurley (seal Boston) and el’s (brindle Boston) relationship started at first site. They have been buddies/bf/gf for years and every visit begins with a brief hump from Hurley followed by nipping from el mixed with growling and wrestling. Sometimes they are allowed sleep overs when mom/dad go on vacation. Their favorite pass times together include begging for treats, tug, napping, flatulence aerobics and chewing on the carpet. If they aren’t true love, I don’t know what is!” Nicely put, Linda.

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