A Collection Of Boston Terrier Dog Shaming Photos

A Collection Of Boston Terrier Dog Shaming Photos

For those not familiar with Internet craze, Dog Shaming, Wikipedia breaks it down perfectly: Dog shaming, also known as animal shaming, is an internet meme which originated on Tumblr in August 2012. It is where an image of a dog or other animal is uploaded to the internet with a sign which describes some recent negative behaviour perpetuated by the animal.

In the past, we have posted some hilarious Dog Shaming photos of some Boston Terrier that got into trouble. Now, we’ll have all of the best ones in one place for your viewing pleasure. Have one of your own? Email it to us at share@iBostonTerrier.com!

You can find thousands of Dog Shaming photos of all breeds at the original dog shaming website, dogshaming.com!

Boston Terrier Shaming

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  1. Those shaming pics were great, some very funny. One that suits my Reggie is I have “relations” with my Mom’s pillow. still true even tho Reg is 10 yrs. Also he spreads his toys all over the house, & I must pick them up, & I often trip over them !!! Ha Ha

  2. love dog shaming

  3. I dont like dogshaming very much. Some are funny, but a lot of them are about things that this dog is struggeling with. They look scared in the pictures. Maybe its just me…

    • Ina Vik, I agree with you. I love to see a crazy, silly Boston GRIN, not a downcast shame face.

    • I agree with you. They look very sad and scared. I feel that dogshaming ruins a dogs personality. They try their darnest to keep their owners happy and our moods affect them to the extreme.

  4. They never “look” happy…they happily do things;) My grandpuppy is a Boston and I can tell you that look is “what can I get up to next” lol As long as you’re loving to them, they crave all the attention they can get! No “mad” owner is taking the time to laugh at their pet and post a funny picture…

  5. Boston’s are one of the most loving dogs I have ever had the pleasure to live with. I am so blessed with 2 of them and the scary thing is the have done 25 out of 26 things. My Molly will actually smile at you when you scold her and she almost always looks terrified. She beats up on her older and much bigger brother to get what she wants. The dog shaming makes me happy to know that other people are going through the same struggles. Please keep sharing!

  6. Are bostons known for going to toilet in house? I got my first Boston in July and finding it hard to toilet train than any other dog I’ve had. (I don’t know anybody who has a Boston to compare her with – they are very rare in this country). She also likes to eat her own poo and my other dogs poo. I really want her to be a house dog but she’s not the cleanest of dogs.

  7. our vet calks thise “scooby snacks!”

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