Jax The Boston Terrier Puppy Will Steal Your Heart

Jax The Boston Terrier Puppy Will Steal Your Heart

As the proud owner’s of a red (brown) Boston Terrier puppy, we’ve got a soft spot for this blonde babies! Although new to many Boston Terrier owners and admirers, these (red, brown, tan) versions of the world’s greatest breed are here to stay! Look at this sweet little red face! Coming to you from up north in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at only five months old, Jax is quite the little heart throb. His mom, Maria, sent us these photos and told us all about her little guy! “Jax is a red Boston Terrier puppy. He is one crazy and hyper puppy! He loves to cuddle and follow mom and dad everywhere. At only 11 pounds he already hogs the king size bed! He is like every other Boston Terrier: stubborn and sneaky but with a face like that there is no way you can stay mad at him. We were lucky to get these photos of him, as he hardly ever sits still for the camera!” She also provided us with a quick description of each photo, enjoy!

  • pic 1 – hanging out in the pool on a ridiculously hot day over the weekend
  • pic 2  – posing for a close up  at 3 months old
  • pic 3 – hanging out at the park sniffing at the park at 3.5 months
  • pic 4 – sleeping on mom the first day home at 8 weeks!

boston terrier pool

red boston terrier

boston terrier puppy face

sleeping boston terrier

After seeing these photos, we have to assume that you now have a severe case of puppy fever. If true, please get your fix by looking at hundreds of other Boston Terrier puppies by clicking here. If you have a Boston Terrier puppy needing to be featured on our site, please do not hesitate to email us photos. As you know, we love puppy photos!