Brody The 44 Pound Boston Terrier Is A Big, Sweet Boy

Brody The 44 Pound Boston Terrier Is A Big, Sweet Boy

This is one big Boston Terrier! When we go to the dog park, people always say the same thing, “those are some BIG Boston Terriers!” Both Sophie and Baxter are 31 pounds but they are by no means big. In fact, our meet up group is loaded with Bostons much bigger than our two, and this Boston is much bigger than them! Meet Brody! This lovable five year old weighs 44 pounds but manages to still move quicker than lightning. His parents tell us, “he loves to do tricks when he feels like it and more importantly, he’s not fat!” We don’t think he looks fat at all! In fact, we think he looks super cool, especially relaxing on his pool float.

According to the AKC’s weight standards: weight is divided by classes as follows: Under 15 pounds; 15 pounds and under 20 pounds; 20 pounds and not to exceed 25 pounds. Of course, here at we care less about the “standards” of the dogs and more about the heart of them. That’s right, we are taking a stand for all big Boston Terriers! Just more Boston goodness to love, although it does hurt when they fling their body on to yours in the middle of the night.

We ask, what’s the biggest Boston Terrier that you’ve ever seen? I believe the biggest in our group was 40 pounds but he was such a tall Boston Terrier that he looked almost like a Boxer more than anything. Maybe it’s because our two are larger than average, we’ve got a soft spot for the big ones.

Think Brody is big? We once featured a 50 pound Boston! Click here to read about him.

boston terrier puppy

boston terrier sink

sitting boston terrier

boston terrier in pool

sleeping boston terrier

So what do you think? How much do you love this big boy! Is your Boston bigger?