[Health] Healthy Human Foods That Your Dog Can Snack On

[Health] Healthy Human Foods That Your Dog Can Snack On
In the past, we’ve posted different articles telling you human foods that your dogs should eat, and shouldn’t eat. Thanks to our friend Elizabeth, we have a ery simple infographic to share that will help you decide what to “knock off the plate” when your dog is looking deep into your eyes, begging for just one bite. More importantly, it will tell you what your dog should never eat under any circumstances.
Do you plan on letting your dog snack on some of these healthy options?
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  1. How do I get my dog back on dog food with just a taste of people food?

    • Betty,

      You wouldn’t really want to give them only people food. However, if you feel the need to give them a little treat, some are better than others.

    • Try Fresh Pet Selects, you can buy it in Shop Rite, Stop and Shop,and depending on where you live Wal-Mart. It smells like real people food and my super fussy,12 yr old loves it . It was always a battle to get him to eat food that was “good” for him.

  2. Whats wrong with Avocado? Its both my Boston’s favorite besides salmon…

    • Kathleen,

      There is something in avocado that is toxic to dogs, called persin. Avocado is sort of on the fence for dogs so we tend to stay away. Doctors are splits on how they feel about it.

    • My BTs would rob liquor stores to buy avocados! We only give them a small bite because, Lordy…the gas. Avocados are one of the few things that make mine farty. Mine get almonds and walnuts here and there without issues. I wonder why nuts are on the bad list?

  3. Does anyone have any recommendations (actual manufactured treats or homemade) that are low protein and low phosphorous for a Boston on a prescription kidney diet?

    Thank you in advance,

  4. Just an FYI on my experience. My one Boston LOVES the stuff on top. Blueberries are one of her favorites. However my post here is about the onions, really. Im glad you included them because I see way too many people giving them to their dogs. People are always surprised when I run to pick up any that has dropped or yelled at them not to give it to their dogs. Ive seen firsthand how dogs can almost die from it. A friends collie/shepherd mix suffered severe renal damage after getting into the garbage and eating onion. That one scares me the most. Just watch what you drop on the ground.

  5. what do you feed your Boston if they are so picky on what they eat.. Zoie will not eat just plain dog food, wants some people food or gravy or baby meat..(Spoonful mix in food) so spoiled, sometimes all I have is plain dog food…what to do???

  6. Thanks for sharing my graphic! I’m glad you guys like it!

  7. No nuts, but then peanuts are actually a legume, so….

  8. I keep my treats simple. I take organic sweet potatoes and cube them up into about the size of dice. I put the oven on around 250 and bake them for around 3 hours, or until all dried out. They keep for a really long time and my little buddy Einstein LOVES them. I have found that they work good for pills delivery as well. A little peanut butter on one so the pill sticks and he almost takes a finger off when I hand it to him. I follow up with a 2nd one so he doesn’t have time to stop and spit the pill out.

    Great, healthy,treat that doesn’t have all the crappy chemical stuff you get in a store bought and a fraction of the cost.


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