[Photo] An Amazing Tattoo Memorializes Kiwi The Boston Terrier

[Photo] An Amazing Tattoo Memorializes Kiwi The Boston Terrier
It seems that we’ve had a lot of posts remembering fallen dogs lately and truth be told, I see nothing wrong with it. If anything, it serves as a reminder as to why our Boston Terriers are in our lives in the first place. Michele told us her touching story and we are happy to share it in honor of Kiwi: I wanted to share my memorial tattoo for my best friend Kiwi who passed away in August of last year.  Kiwi and I had been together for 13 ½ years and her loss is still felt daily, and I expect always will be.  She was my constant side kick and it was difficult to adjust to life without her.  I miss her snorts, her snores, her diva behavior, how she made me laugh all the time, her gentle kisses when we would snuggle up to go to sleep.  She helped me be a better person and to honor her legacy I decided to get this tattoo.  This tattoo represents not only her memory, but the promise to her that I will continue my animal advocacy work so that other pets will have the chance to have furever homes where they can be who they were meant to be, loved, spoiled and happy beyond measure like she was.  Plus, let’s be honest a dog in a spaceship is just really friggin’ cool.  The work was done by the very talented, and fellow animal advocate, Jamie Hale at Bleed Blue Tattoo in Lexington, KY.  Photo credits go to Jamie as well.  It’s an amazing piece of art with a beautiful message to honor one epic Boston Terrier.  I hope you will consider sharing it as part of your slide show.
We’ve also added this amazing piece of artwork to our Boston Terrier Tattoo slideshow which you can see by clicking here.
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