Cha Chi Gets Featured On, Parties Too Hard

Cha Chi Gets Featured On, Parties Too Hard

Not everyone can deal with the fame and fortune that comes with being featured on Earlier this month, we introduced you to Cha Chi, a margarita-drinking celebrity Boston Terrier. His mom, Shelly, gave us the low down on her lady’s man of a son. A few weeks later, we introduced you to Delilha, Cha Chi’s beautiful sister who’s story will probably make you cry but restore your faith in the strength of the Boston Terrier spirit.

As you’ll see by the following picture, this was Cha Chi as he was featured on, partying hard and living the good life. The fame had just hit this sweet little guy and he didn’t know what to do with all of it.

cha chi ibostonterrier

Fast forward to now. The fame and fortune have gone straight to his head and much like other child celebrities, the partying hit a little too hard. We’d compare him to Justin Bieber or Lindsay Lohan but I think we can all agree that he’s more famous…and much more talented. His mom, Shelly, gave us an update on Cha Chi’s celebrity status.

“Our little super star is at it again. Basking in the glory of being featured on, Cha Chi may have celebrated a little too much. All I know is I went to bed and woke up to find empty bottles and a slight sent of shame in the air. Of course I’m not saying Cha Chi was involved, the Chihuahua usually masterminds the parties!”

chachi after margreta


We understand the exciting nature of being featured on, we just ask that you and your dogs deal with it responsibly. Once Cha Chi comes back down to Earth we’ll be happy to be feature him any time his mom sends us photos!


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